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A contest speech delivered August 12, 2017

People say they come to Toastmasters to learn public speaking. I take a broader perspective and say we come here to learn to communicate as public speaking is a mere subset of communication.

Long before I joined Toastmasters I was working in the communications industry selling phones to businesses, BPOs, and call centers. Since I was in the communications business, I had to demonstrate credibility by responding quickly to all communications be it by landline, cellphone, text, and email and to the point I had to confirm receipt of my messages particularly with text, email, and fax. To make sure I connected, not merely blurting out words.

Then I joined Toastmasters. In Toastmasters I learned via public speaking communication principles that helped me connect better, close multi-million peso sales, and the one I love most--closing memberships in Toastmasters especially if the member is pretty.

The last time I spoke in public formallyoutside Toastmasters was in a eulogy back in 2012. I dread public speaking as I hate to see my friends go.

We communicate everyday. But some Toastmasters don't seem to apply communication principles outside of public speaking.

Take these example from a club in Facebook, "life isn't waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain while having fun ... stay safe and dry." A case of someone merely blurting out words and not noticing the conflicting messages. Not getting to the point.

In our basic speech #4, we're told to avoid cliches. How often do you hear or read this? "Come to our meeting for some learning and fun." This phrase had become a staple in some clubs. Sometimes they change it up by saying "come to our meeting for some fun and learning" Mere inversion of words.

And how would you present your Toastmasters club elegantly in pictures to prospective members? Some clubs post a lot of selfies. Sending out a message they're having a narcissism festival and not a Toastmasters meeting.

The last example is a text exchange. "I would like to invite you to our club induction and anniversary for 500 pesos." The ticket was overpriced. He failed on logos or the logic of it. They had an unknown keynote speaker. He failed on pathos to stir emotion, and lastly this person seemed trying to pull a fast one trying to recoup his costs as when I replied "regrets." He then asked me to invite my clubmates. There goes his ethos.

Evidently, there are Toastmasters who are not getting the full value of joininf Toastmasters. All of us communicate everyday. let's apply the principles of our Competent Communication manual in our everyday communication. And keep score with the times we connect. That's how we evaluate. TO me, Toastmasters or communications for that matter is like a sport. As in closing sales or membership, especially of pretty girls. And getting one of them to say yes. And more importantly Toastmasters or communication is a way of life

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