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The 300 Pathways Competencies by Level

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Written by Super User 22 November 2017

Pathways Competencies by Level

Pathways Chinese Simplified Projects


Written by Super User 18 September 2017

This page for the use of Emperor Toastmasters members who may have very slow connections or cannot connect to Base Camp.

8101 -  初试啼声演讲 (Ice Breaker)

8100 -  评估与反馈 (Evaluation and Feedback)

8102 -  研究和展示 (Researching and Presenting)

8200 -  主动倾听 (Active Listening)

8201 -  与听众交流 (Connect with Your Audience)

8202 -  跨文化理解 (Cross-Cultural Understanding)

8203 -  有效的身体语言 (Effective Body Language)

8204 -  Toastmasters (国际演讲会)导师计划 (Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring)

8205 -  时间管理 (Managing Time)

8206 -  了解你的沟通风格 (Understanding Your Communication Style)

8207 -  了解你的领导风格 (Understanding Your Leadership Style)


Speech Contest Rulebook 2017

Written by Super User 22 May 2017

Pathways Projects

in English

Written by Super User 13 October 2017

This page for the use of District 75 members who may have very slow connections or cannot connect to Base Camp.

8101D - Ice Breaker

8100D - Evaluation and Feedback

8102D - Researching and Presenting

8200D - Active Listening

8201D - Connect with Your Audience

8202D - Cross-Cultural Understanding

8203D - Effective Body Language

8204D - Introduction to Toastmasters Mentoring

8206D - Understanding Your Communication Style

8207D - Understanding Your Leadership Style

8300D - Connect with Storytelling

8301D - Creating Effective Visual Aids

8302D - Deliver Social Speeches

8303D - Develop a Communication Plan

8304D - Focus on the Positive

8305D - Inspire Your Audience

8306D - Make Connections Through Networking

8310D - Prepare for an Interview

8318D - Using Descriptive Language

8400D - Building a Social Media Presence

8401D - Communicating Change

8402D - Create a Podcast

8403D - Improvement Through Positive Coaching

8404D - Leading in Difficult Situations

8405D - Leading Your Team

8406D - Manage Change

8407D - Manage Online Meetings

8408D - Manage Projects Successfully

8410D - Mentoring

8414D - Write a Compelling Blog

8500D - Advanced Mentoring

8501D - Develop Your Vision

8502D - Ethical Leadership

8503D - High Performance Leadership

8504D - Lead in Any Situation

8505D - Leading in Your Volunteer Organization

New! Club Leadership Handbook

Revised January, 2017.

Written by Super User 27 March 2017


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Emperor Mandarin Toastmasters club provides a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth.

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