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Installing Zoom (Windows)

Written by Super User 17 September 2017

1. Go to the Zoom software download page

2.  From the "Download Center" page, click the Download button under Zoom Client for Meetings.

3. Save the installer file, ZoomInstaller.exe, to your device.

4. From Windows Explorer or your Desktop, double-click on the installer file.

5. The install process starts

6. In the following window, click Join a Meeting.

7. In the next Window, enter the Meeting ID (you can get this number from your invitation e-mail), your name, and location. Click Join when you're done.

7a.The following window might appear while youu are waiting to join a meeting.

Simply wait for the host and you will be connected to the meeting. Click Join Audio Conference by Computer

Benefits of Online Meetings

Online videoconferencing has come of age

Written by Super User 07 May 2015

There are a number of benefits in conducting an online meeting that have been enjoyed since the early days of meeting software. With advances in technology today we have at our disposal communication software that allows for meetings to take place anytime, anywhere. With the availability of various conference software options, both video and audio, an online meeting can be just as productive as a physically face-to-face meeting.

Some of the benefits of online meetings include the capability of individuals from various locations to communicate with one another. Whether an individual is one desk away, working from home or located in another country, conducting an online meeting brings people together from any location. Another benefit to an online meeting is the savings cost. With the expense of communication software many times being less than the cost of running a physically face-to-face meeting, there in itself are savings. If conducting a larger meeting, it can be expensive to rent a conference room in a restaurant or hotel. There may also be savings in flights or hotel expenses for individuals that would otherwise require travel to attend a meeting. Another expense can be found in food and catering. Many large meetings require food services which can be costly. By conducting an online meeting you avoid those extra expenses.

Nitty-Gritty of Online Meeting Benefits

Online meetings have other less well-known benefits. For instance, people can achieve time management savings. It takes time to organize meetings, especially when individuals are coming from other locations. Getting everyone to the right place at the right time, settled in and then starting the meeting takes valuable time. There is no need to set up a room with tables and chairs or supplies, which is another benefit of online meetings. With an online meeting you have the ease of a set time to begin where everyone logs in.

Some other advantages found in conducting online meetings are the capabilities of not only sharing information, but with special software there are features that allow for collaborating with others; presenting reports and graphs; editing documents; providing training sessions and working with a variety of online courses – all of which are selection criteria when comparing software solutions.

Business Benefits of Online Meetings

Businesses, whether they are large or small, can benefit from online meeting software for numerous use cases and reasons. There are savings in cost, time and management for not only the employer but the employees as well. There is also an improvement in productivity which is advantageous to everyone. With online meetings there is a great deal that can be accomplished in a shorter amount of time.



How Does Online Toastmasters Work?

Develop your communication and leadership skills via videoconferencing

Written by Super User 16 January 2015

The picture above shows a view of your audience with some members with their webcam turned off.

Here are some samples of speaker view. The app can be set to display the one speaking.



An online Toastmasters meeting has no handshakes. Other than that, everything else is similar and everyone gets a front-row seat.  The speaker can just be 2-3 feet away and may be lifesize depending on the size of your screen.

This club uses a cloud meeting software called Zoom. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. It is FREE for attendees and you may download it here. Or get it from Google Play or the App Store. Download it; install it; then test your webcam, audio, and microphone. A steady 1.5 mbps speed is required from your DSL, 4G LTE or HSPA+ connection for a smooth club experience. It is highly recommended that you use a noise-cancelling headset.





Emperor Online: April 7, 2017 Launch Program

This is it!

Written by Super User 04 April 2017
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